Friday, 16 March 2012

Herons Return To Nest At Stanley Park

Standing almost a meter tall and with a wing span of 180 cm, Pacific great blue herons have returned to nest near the Park Board offices in Vancouver's Stanley Park. For the twelfth consecutive year the herons have returned in large numbers with over 110 nests occupied last summer and more than 100 fledglings counted.  The location is easy to find as you'll be able to hear the loud squabbling and squawking noises from these prehistoric looking creatures.  As the season progresses be prepared for the stench of dead fish and the continual assault of heron droppings as they fly in and out of their nests. It is not unusual for cars parked in the area to be covered with bird droppings within a few hours!

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  1. Thanks for posting a heron pic, love how you captured lost Lagoon. What kind of camera do you have and what settings did you use for the lagoon?