Monday, 2 April 2012

Kingston Hotel Stands Amid Telus Towers

With news that all 428 units have sold before the official launch of Telus's new condo tower in the downtown core, the dust has yet to settle around the Kingston Hotel. Tucked between two parking garages on Richards Street, the Kingston Hotel will be the only building left standing when demolition is completed. Owned by Fred O'Hagan, it was originally run as a rooming house by his grandfather when it opened in 1910. In the 1930's/40's a beer parlour was added and it has stood it's ground ever since offering accommodations and a place to have a cold ale.
Telus will be building a 53 storey condo tower, the second tallest in the city, next to the 62 storey Shangri-la building on Thurlow Street. Telus will also build a 24 floor office tower and the development is expected to transform the area between Robson and Georgia street.
Fred O'Hagan's Kingston Hotel will eventually be squeezed between these two towers and in good spirits he will be offering Hard Hat Specials in the bar.


  1. Neat! And it will be something to see when it's eventually dwarfed on both sides!

  2. Vancouver continually changes. I remember in that building eating at the White Spot on many occasions. It does look like an attractive building, very modern and clean lines.