Friday, 15 March 2013

Love Padlocks Burrard St Bridge Vancouver

"Love Locks" have started appearing on the Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver. With the mountains in the background, Vancouver lovers have picked up on the European trend of declaring their love by writing their names/initials on a padlock, locking it to the bridge and then tossing the key into the water to symbolize  their undying love.
Rumor has it that the only way to break this seal of love brought about by the love lock act is to retrieve the key and unlock the padlock.  Not sure if you're then supposed to toss lock and key into the water. 
Will this trend take off in Vancouver the way it has in other cities around the world. The love locks will tell.


  1. I really like the composition, a very unique photo.

  2. I like the composition, too. This is a unique idea that I believe is also done in other parts of globe. The symbolism is fantastic. I wonder if it helps psychologically somehow to cement commitments in this way.

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