Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Amazing Brentwood Becomes The Nightmare Of Brentwood Mall

In September 2013, Burnaby City Council approved the redevelopment of the Brentwood Mall area. With the addition of 10 towers, this location will be transformed into a new urban hub, including up to 350 shops and restaurants, a 50,000 square foot grocery store and up to 4,200 residential units. The Brentwood Project will be built in several phases over the next 20 years

On paper it sounds amazing, but looking at the pictures it is apparent that the project is a nightmare for Brentwood Mall. With the lower parking lot being dug up, many businesses have closed including, BC Liquor Store, McDonalds and Starbucks. Pedestrians arriving by Skytrain now have to trek all the way to the entrance located near the old Zellers location. When I was at the mall, many businesses had Sale signs posted and there were few shoppers to be seen.


  1. There is always mess and long delays when building of this scale goes on.

  2. Things always look good on paper! There looks like a lot of growing pains involved. Hope it all works out for everyone in the end! Those poor retailers that are trying to operate in the meantime, not to mention the shoppers in the middle of the mess.