Sunday, 18 January 2015

Vancouver's Iconic Whaling Wall Being Torn Down

Vancouver's Continental Hotel at the north end of the Granville Street Bridge is in the process of being torn down. The  Whaling Wall (covered on this blog in April 2012) and painted on the north side of the building is also being demolished. The property/land is owned by the City of Vancouver and was posted for sale earlier in 2014. Valued at $36,135,568 the land will be redeveloped and also see the removal of the bridge off ramp. There is speculation that this could be the home of a new Aquatic Center, LGBTQ Resource Center and units of non market housing


  1. Glad you took pictures to keep a historic account that it once existed. We have a Wyland painting in White Rock that also has been threatened extinction. It survived so far, as has the building the beautiful seascape was painted on. In fact, recent graffiti and a real estate sign on the wall had people up in arms. The community is quite fond of it as I am sure they were fond of the one in Vancouver. It will be missed!

  2. Sorry to see this mural taken down. Too bad they could not retain it for the new building somehow. Thanks for sharing this and won't be surprised to see it gone the next time I am in Vancouver.

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