Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Can You Find All Of iHeart's Latest Street Art

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Hundreds of Vancouverites trying to distance themselves from anything having to do with the 

craze of tracking down imaginary Pokemon figures are instead on the hunt for street artist iHeart's seven latest pieces in the Mount Pleasant area. In a rush to see them all before they are painted over
or tagged by other graffiti artists, locals can be seen snapping up pictures of iHeart's art amongst some of the 35+ newly painted murals from last week's Mural Festival.  
Often compared to British street artist Banksy, there have been no reported cases yet of iHeart's work being cut from walls and sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars as has been the case 
with work by Banksy.
So far I have found four of the pieces with three to go. The hardest to find will probably be the one painted on the side of a garbage bin!

                                                        This mural is by Taka Sudo

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