Thursday, 3 November 2016

5660 5672 Victoria Drive Near 41st Ave

Several months ago I vowed not to post any more pictures of half demolished, junk filled houses in Vancouver as it was simply just too depressing!  It seems like you can’t go anywhere without seeing the telltale signs of a house on the verge of coming down. It usually starts with neon orange meshed fencing around trees lining the street. Next is the metal fencing posted around the perimeter of the property and of course the most obvious sign is a massive excavator sitting next to the house. So no more. Well sort of.

Today I was out around Victoria Drive and 41st and couldn’t help but notice a number of stores boarded up.  A few pictures couldn’t hurt. After all I was sure they wouldn’t be standing much longer and there was no harm in freezing time for a moment.  The problem is that I got curious and headed around back to see the rest of the site. Well needless to say the pictures tell the story! 

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