Friday, 20 January 2012

Japadog: Street Dogs With Flavor

Looking for a hotdog with a twist, don’t miss out on Vancouver’s Japanese hotdog known locally as Japadog.  Started in 2005 by Noriki Tamura, the one cart venue has expanded to several food carts  in the downtown core and the opening of a restaurant on Robson Street just a couple of blocks  east of Granville.  Where else in Vancouver  or even the rest of Canada can you experience a hotdog with wasabi mayo, miso, teriyaki or even seaweed.  Our local outdoor eatery became an international hit during the 2010 Olympics with people from around the world asking where these local carts were located.  It is not uncommon to see long lineups as people wait to order their unique dogs. If you’re not into hotdogs then head down to the restaurant where you can try out items such as okonomi, a grilled pancake with pork, cabbage and bonito flakes or korokke a deep fried mash potato and cabbage croquette. I always tread lightly on the bonito flakes.  And now you can also check them out in New York as Japadog has gone global with their first opening outside of Vancouver.


  1. I could really go for one of these right about now.