Tuesday, 24 January 2012

HMV Closes, Power Block Renovations Granville Street

HMV on Burrard Street closed it's doors yesterday for the last time.  Rumors are flying as to who will rent out the space with over 50,000 square feet covering 3 floors.

More retail space will come available once renovations/demolition is completed at Granville and Robson Street.  The Power Block Art Deco facade at 817-819 Granville Street has heritage status and therefore will be retained.  The remainder of the building did not get off as lucky and will be demolished.  The building next to it, at the corner of Robson and Granville also does not have heritage status and is slated for demolition.  A five storey building has been proposed for this site with two floors of retail space and three of office space.


  1. That's a big spot to rent out!

    1. Apple signs have gone up in the store windows.

  2. The architecture (Art Deco?) is fabulous and how great that it is being spared and with luck, filled with new tenants.

  3. I view almost all yr street photos.That's what I mean by street photography..beautiful isn't it :)
    Thanks for the visit of my blog & have a nice day .