Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Admiral Seymour School On Vancouver Heritage Society's Top Ten List

Just up the lane from the pedestrian overpass stands the Admiral Seymour School. Consisting of two buildings the wooden structure was built in 1900, while the brick building was completed in 1907.  Considered to be one of the oldest schools in Vancouver, these buildings were placed on Vancouver Heritage Society's Top 10 Endangered Sites in 2007.  Nearly ninety of Vancouver's schools were built before 1967 and many of them are now on the Heritage Society's Top 10 Annual Lists. With low enrollment and not enough funding for seismic upgrades, the school board struggles with keeping them open. 


  1. Impressive shots! Love the last one the unique perspective and colors.

  2. Was a student here from 2000-2003, having started in Grade 5. I had only been in Burnaby schools before, so aside from missing the horizontal structure of my old school, I was really confused that there was a totally separate building for all the students in Grade 3 and below.

    I think the primary school building was much nicer, and the one I was in was built later as it's rather industrial looking and sparse inside