Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Faded Ad: Hardwood Chair Co Ltd Vancouver

Faded away and barely visible from the back lane, the Hardwood Chair Co ad still stands north of Hastings Street.  Most of these signs sometimes referred to as ghost signs or faded ads have disappeared from urban landscapes.  Painted onto brick or wooden buildings, in some cases over 100 years ago most have been destroyed as buildings are either torn down or painted over.

Frank Jump has made it his goal to photograph as many of these fading ads as possible. He's been at it for twenty years and many of the ads he has taken pics of no longer exist.  Fortunately they are preserved in his book  Fading Ads Of New York City.
I have not seen a book or even a number on how many of these ads still exist in Vancouver.

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  1. I imagine the quality of those wooden chairs were fantastic and expected to last for decades. Seems like you are doing much what the author of the book you mention did when recording signs. I like your subject matter as it often captures transitioning pieces of history on the edge of being dismantled. It is easy to forget that places in disrepute now were once hubbubs of hard work and activity.