Sunday, 1 July 2012

Will The Ramsay Brothers And Company Warehouse Be Demolished With The Building Of The Powell Street Overpass?

Classified as a B heritage site in Vancouver, the 4 storey, 1912 Ramsay Brothers and Company Warehouse building sits just west of where the city is proposing to build the Powell Street Overpass.
In an effort to increase rail capacity to the Port, city engineering has proposed building an overpass that would allow for another east-west rail line to be built.
The historically significant Ramsay Brothers building is considered to be one of the last remaining examples of an Edwardian manufacturing/warehousing structure in this area of east Vancouver.

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  1. With the slightest bit of imagination and a lot of cash, someone could restore these buildings into phenomenal apartments and/or office buildings. It is discouraging to see our lovely heritage buildings abandoned and discarded. We need to sustain our roots to grow and give life meaning.