Sunday, 20 January 2013

Bayswater Broadway

Down with the old making way for the new, part of the 2400  W. Broadway block comes down. Once the site is cleared, construction will begin on the Bayswater Condos, a 4 storey mixed commercial/ residential building.  Pricing for one of the 31 condo units starts at $394,900


  1. Sorry to see that happen. The Developers are ruining Vancouver. That's of my opinion. The charm of Kitsilano is long gone, as well as Kerrisdale and other areas. I saw that the old pub I used to dine at in Kerrisdale is being torn down to make way for condos/retail block.

  2. Yes that whole block in Kerrisdale has been fenced off and is just waiting for the wrecking ball

  3. What Vancouver desperately needs is affordable housing! Just heard on the news that Vancouver has the second least affordable housing in THE WORLD … second to Hong Kong.